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“After 16 years of living in Los Angeles we finally got to try Angelini Osteria. We live nearby, pass this place all the time on Beverly Blvd. Problem is me as Italian cuisine is typically not my first choice. Anyone whom follows me on Yelp will see I tend to favor Asian foods.

Am glad we dined at Angelini Osteria last night. Also glad the 4 of us ordered a myriad of different dishes we could share. This gave me a deep feel for their food, helped me identify a couple of dishes I now adore. Sadly due to the health issues in California last night was their last operating evening until restaurants reopen post Coronavirus.

So let’s jump into the food, why I gave these nice folks five stars.

Swordfish Carpaccio Salad: This was a warm carpaccio bursting with flavor. Never had swordfish so delicious. I’m used to swordfish in steak form. This was a different twist on swordfish that almost tasted like ahi tuna. Bottom line? I loved it and will absolutely order it again.

Polipo: Absolutely the best octopus in the Western half of the country. It was seared, possibly grilled. The center was light and creamy. The combination of texture and flavor was not to be beat. If you love octopus you need to order this dish. All four of us agreed that this dish was the high-point of our meal. Reality is I will return here, just order a double octopus.

Anchovies: Probably the most beautiful presentation you shall ever see of anchovies. They were prepared flawlessly, a lovely appetizer to share.

Branzino: Beautiful tasty preparation and presentation of branzino. This is the only dish I had a slight problem with. I hate bones in my fish and got bones in the first two bites. Sadly this always happens to me with branzino. My three dining partners had bone free branzino. The taste; however, was exceptional as I did love the flavor. I was just afraid of getting more bones.

Lasagna Verde: The lasagna was amazing. I rarely eat lasagna in an upscale restaurant; however, was curious to see their presentation. Boy was I glad we ordered this dish. The lasagna was perfect. The pasta was light, the filling/sauce flavorful. It was not your typical heavy Southern Italian lasagna. Their rendition of this dish can change how anyone may perceive lasagna.

Agnolotti: This dish was a pleasant surprise, nothing I would have ever expected. Here we had pasta stuffed with short rib. The combination of pasta with meat was fantastic. It was also a very light dish.

Cheese: The assortment of Italian cheese at the end of our meal was spectacular. I will always order this for desert on future visits.

Profiteroles: This was a decadent desert we all shared. The pastry, chocolate and cream worked so well together. If you love chocolate please indulge in this delicacy.

Sorbetto: Obviously these folks know how to make flawless sorbettos. We all got to try the special flavors of the evening.

Simone was a wonderful server. The restaurant is simple, tastefully done and all about spectacular food. I’m inspired to return here ASAP. Let’s hope the health issues in Los Angeles are behind us soon.”



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